Spanish Faculty and OER/ZTC Coordinator

The power of LibreTexts and ADAPT has been transformative in my classroom and in OER development. These platforms have not only democratized access to quality educational resources but also fostered a collaborative and innovative spirit among educators. By eliminating the high costs associated with traditional textbooks and homework platforms, LibreTexts has enhanced the learning experience and empowered students to achieve their academic goals without the financial burden traditionally associated with higher education. 

In the past 4 years, I have had the pleasure of co-authoring three Spanish OERs through LibreTexts and ADAPT. Through these projects, we are not only creating content for our classes, but also pioneering a new era of accessible and high-quality open resources. Our work exemplifies the potential of OER to revolutionize education by making it more inclusive and equitable. By having my Spanish OER textbooks in LibreTexts and using the free ADAPT homework, my students don’t have to worry about paying for the $200 textbook bundle anymore. LibreTexts has made this possible, and it stands as a testament to what we can achieve when we prioritize accessibility and innovation in education. Together, we are shaping a future where every student has the resources they need to succeed.



Chemistry Professor, College of the Canyons

I am proud to a part of the effort to make education more accessible for students at College of the Canyons.  In the past few years we have switched all of our chemistry textbooks to OER, using the Libretext platform to create custom textbooks for our students.  The OER texts combined with the recent introduction of the ADAPT assessment system, allowed us to successfully converted all our introductory chemistry sections to ZTC.  We are now able to tailor our instruction materials to our students, while saving them money at the same time.


Professor and Associate Department Head, Kansas State University

During the four years that I have used it, the growth and development of ADAPT has been remarkable. It is an indispensable part of my pedagogy to enhance student success and learning.


Faculty Coordinator, Reedley College

Delmar conducted a two-day training for faculty across the State Center Community College District, including Fresno City College, Madera College, Clovis College, and Reedley College, to introduce the libreverse platform and its comprehensive selection of Open Educational Resources (OER) texts. The training, which also covered the creation of customizable textbooks and assessment tools, significantly boosted faculty enthusiasm and commitment to transitioning to OER, evident in the subsequent growth and deeper understanding of OER benefits that rival traditional publishers. Delmar’s expertise and hands-on support during the session were instrumental in empowering faculty to advance confidently in their OER adoption journey.


Quality Online Inclusive Learning Design Coordinator

LibreTexts Founder and Executive Director, Delmar Larsen, provided an in-depth, hands-on workshop that covered everything our faculty needed to know to get started using ADAPT for their courses. We learned more about the open homework and assessment platform and how it can help take our campus OER efforts to the next level! We were excited by all the upcoming new features that will enhance the interactivity of OER for students and provide faculty with even more options for creating accessible, engaging content!


Faculty Coordinator, Librarian, Liason

Delmar’s recent live presentation on the LibreTexts ADAPT homework system at West Los Angeles College was both informative and timely. Several of our faculty members, including those from the Spanish and Biotechnology departments, showed great interest in the training. This training was particularly relevant as they are in the process of converting their Spanish and Biotechnology Lab Technician educational pathways to OER/ZTC. in addition, the discussion about the new AI tutoring tool that Delmar and his team are developing this summer for integration into the ADAPT system was especially fascinating!